GTA Online Gets Valentine’s Day Update

Valentine’s Day is coming up and games are celebrating with DLC and patches. Borderlands 2 and The Last of Us have announced their content in forms of Story DLC, but GTA V isn’t going to take a back seat and unlike the previous-mentioned game, this update is FREE!!!

GTA Online will be getting an update on sweetheart’s day that adds a new gun, a new car, new clothing items and 10 jobs.

  • The new gun is called the Gusenberg Sweeper and will be available via Ammu-Nation stores or placed in your single-player mode inventory
  • The new car is an armored 1920’s limo called the Albany Roosevelt in both online and single-player modes
  • Players can buy new double-breasted suits, flapper dresses, sexy underwear and masquerade masks 😉
  • 10 new jobs

All these updates are available “for a limited time” (really?) so if you want to keep them forever, then you should make it a priority to buy and collect all of it before the un-named end time approaches.


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