Killer Instinct’s February Pin Ultimate Challenge


Are you an owner of the Pin Ultimate Edition of Killer Instinct? Do you want another collector pin (of course, why else would you buy the Pin Ultimate Edition, right?) Then here is February’s Pin Ultimate Challenge: SUPREME VICTORY PIN!

Outlined on the PLAYXBLA Blog, Microsoft is asking Killer Instinct players to record their awesome “supreme victories” and send them in to get the SUPREME VICTORY pin to add to your Pin Ultimate collection. Here is how you do it:

  1. Record yourself getting a SUPREME VICTORY in an official Ranked match, recording from the time that the characters are introduced, all the way to the end when your SUPREME VICTORY is announced
  2. Edit your video via Upload Studio to make it as awesome as you can
  3. Upload the video to your Skydrive to get a sharable link
  4. Upload the Skydrive sharable link to
  5. Type out a one-paragraph explanation of how your SUPREME VICTORY is better than anyone else’s using either the email you used for registering the Pin Ultimate Edition or your Microsoft Account email.


Microsoft is also rewarding the 5 coolest SUPREME VICTORIES with an additional pin, the Glacius Pin (which is normally available for purchase.) The challenge ends February 26th so all submissions must be sent in before that date and you MUST REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE END OF THE CHALLENGE, so it is best to register now.



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