TowerFall Ascension On PS4 Releases March 11th

Originally an OUYA exclusive, Matt Thorson is bringing is wonderfully popular TowerFall over to PS4 being dubbed TowerFall: Ascension as a digital title. TowerFall is a 4-player archery combat platformer. If you haven’t seen this game, you are definitely missing out. Check out the video above.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Matt talks more about the PS4 version. TowerFall on PS4 will add 50 new versus arenas to battle on, making the total up to 120 ARENAS!!!! He also says that Ascension adds new variants to customize your matches as well as new power-ups.

Don’t like competitive multiplayer? No problem! Ascension comes with a brand new 1-2 player Quest Mode. Keeping the same 1-hit death mechanic as multiplayer, you and/or a buddy will quest through arenas defending yourselves against waves of monsters and enemies of all sorts (grim repaers, archers ghosts etc.)

I am very excited for this game. I haven’t played it on the OUYA but this looks like alot of fun to play 4-player with my buddies!


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