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Nintendo eShop Releases For 2/20/2014

Every week, Nintendo releases games in their eShop for us to indulge our gaming time into. This week is highlighted by Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze but isn’t the only one coming out. Here are this weeks eShop releases

Wii U

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2/21/2014) retail and digital $49.99

Wii U Virtual Console

  • Ice Hockey – $4.99


  • Weapon Shop de Omasse – digital $7.99
  • Kung Fu Rabbit – digital $4.99
  • Quell Reflect – $3.99

3DS Virtual Console

  • Sky Kid – $4.99

Big Indie Games Coming To 3DS eShop In The Next Few Months

The Wii U isn’t the only one getting great Indie titles in the coming months, Nintendo of America also surprised viewers of Nintendo Direct with upcoming eShop titles for the 3DS as well

  • Shovel Knight
  • Retro City Rampage
  • Squids Odyssey
  • Moon Chronicles
  • Weapon Shop de Omasse
  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
  • Siesta Fiesta
  • TreasureNauts
  • 1001 Spikes

Pokemon Battle Trozei Coming To 3DS March 20th In North America; March 13th In Europe

Pokemon Trozei on DS was a fun spin-off in the Pokemon series, having you match up Pokemon similar to games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush. Now, We are getting a sequel, as you will, and it will include 718 out of the 719 Pokemon (newly-announced Pokemon Diancie will not be in it)

Pokemon Battle Trozei will be coming out March 20th for $7.99 in NA and March 13th in Europe. The game will be played two ways. On the bottom screen, you must do the 4-group Pokemon matching. However, during this, the top screen will have Pokemon battles going on. For example, you may encounter Charizard on the top screen, so on the bottom screen, you want to match up Pokemon that have type-advantages over Charizard (Water, Rock etc) and you can even catch the Pokemon you battle to use them for the next battle. The game also supports up to 4-player CO-OP.

4 New eShop Titles For 3DS

Nintendo Direct had some great news yesterday, especially with the Wii U portion of the show. 3DS also got some great content including these 4 new eShop titles.

  • Steel Diver: Sub Wars – Steel Diver is making a return, but in two formats and as a FPS. Sub Wars is both a free-to-play title and a $9.99 title. The free-to-play aspect consists of two different sub types and “limited” single-player content but full multi-player content. If you purchase it for $9.99, you will get more sub types and more content (obviously.) Steel Diver: Sub Wars is out TODAY!
  • Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball – being ported over from Japan and given the localization treatment, Real Deal Baseball will start out as a free-to-download title. However, for the mini-games (which include hitting, pitching, umpiring and catching) you must pay $4 for each mini-game you want. Nintendo says you can also “haggle” to pay less than $4 by offering in-game rewards to lower the price you have to pay with real money. This game is free-to-download starting in April 
  • Weapon Shop de Omasse – a rhythimatic-blacksmithing game, you are controlling an apprentince of a Blacksmith who must forge weapons from Heroes from RPG storylines. The rhythm part comes in as you must forge the weapon by tapping the screen along to the beat you hear. This interesting rhythm title releases Febraury 20th for $7.99 
  • Inazuma Eleven – previously being exclusive to Japan, this game is finally coming to North America. Inazuma Eleven is a hybrid of sports game and RPG. The RPG aspect is exploring, battles and conversation found in typical RPG games. However, the battles are Soccer matches, this is where the sports aspect comes in. Using the stylus, you control the players individually. You can also train and recruit new players. This game is available today for $19.99 

Yoshi’s New Island Features

Nintendo Direct showed off alot of new features for Yoshi in his upcoming 3DS adventure, Yoshi’s New Island.

  • When Yoshi gets attacked, Baby Mario will be knocked off Yoshi and you must re-collect Baby Mario within the time limit that shows up or you must start at the last checkpoint
  • There are no stage time limits in the game
  • Giant Eggs, or Mega Egg-Dozers, are in the game and can be launched to destroy pipes and blocks and can also collect coins
  • Metal Egg-Dozers happen when you lick up a giant metal Shy-Guy by mashing a button. When you turn him into an egg, you get giant metal eggs that can be thrown on the ground to do the same things as Giant Egg-Dozers but the Metal Eggs allow you to go underwater as well
  • Yoshi has new transformations and were shown off by the Jack-Hammer Yoshi, which in certain levels you can transform into a Jack Hammer to break rocks and collect coins using the gyro controls
  • The Submarine Yoshi transforms you into a submarine-looking Yoshi and control your underwater movements using the gyro contols
  • Collecting certain stars will allow Yoshi to transform into Super Yoshi, which can either fly in the sky like a “shooting star” or allow Yoshi to run super fast up walls and fast enough to break through pipes, walls and bricks
  • Yoshi can fly through levels using a new item called Flatter Wings that appear purely on your play-style and how often you make mistakes. If you get one of these sets of wings, you can fly through the level instead of be on the ground
  • Hidden collectibles such as the smiley flowers, red coins and stars make a comeback, so try to collect them all in every level

Kirby Triple Deluxes Releases May 2nd In NA; May 16th In Europe

Not only is May 2nd the release date for Mario Golf World Tour on 3DS, but also for Kirby’s newest adventure in Triple Deluxe.

Triple Deluxe also has collectibles that Iwata talked about in the previous Nintendo Direct 2 days ago. Players will be able to collect Sun Stones and will get a “bonus” for collecting all the Sun Stones in a level.

Players will also be able to collect cool-looking 8-Bit Keychains through-out levels and with Street Pass. In levels you will sometimes come across special Waddles who normally give you items. However, if you recently street-passed someone, you will get better items. In addition, if that person you street-passed also has Kirby Triple Deluxe, you can also get some of the 8-Bit Keychains from Waddle.

Tee Off With Mario Golf: World Tour On May 2nd For 3DS

Finally, we will be getting Mario Golf World Tour released on our 3DS/2DS, and we don’t have to wait long. May 2nd we can Tee Off with Mario characters or even using our own Mii’s against other players around the world.

A new single-player mode will be included called Castle Club. Castle Club is the mode where you can use your Mii character and customize your look as well as play the game and use the various training modes in order to brush up their skills before competing in tournaments.

Sonic Boom Coming In 2014

Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are getting face lifts and body work done (as you can tell by the article picture.) Nintendo’s final exclusive Sonic title is called Sonic Boom, and already people are voicing strong opposition to it. Being released in 2014:

  • Sonic has undergone some changes and now dons a brown scarf and longer legs
  • Amy looks unchanged for the most part
  • Tails seems to be an engineer/braniac
  • Knuckles has grown some few feet taller and hit the gym; skipping leg day it seems

Sonic Boom is being developed by two different studios. A new studio by the name of Big Red Button Entertainment is handling the Wii U version while the masterminds of Sly Cooper Collection and Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time developer Sanzaru Games is handling the 3DS version. The 3DS version is said to be more like Sonic Adventure with the main hub and branching missions will make a return.

I think this looks very fresh. While the Wii U verison seems to be a spotlight of 4-player CO-OP, I wonder how the 3DS version will play on that, if at all. This game also seems to be a fun, kick-back Sonic title to have some friends over with. I’m excited!

Nintendo To License Game Characters To Partners

Remember back in December we saw an early preview for the upcoming awesome looking Hyrule Warriors? Well, it is safe to say that we might see more collaborations like that.

During a strategy meeting that Nintendo held yesterday, it revealed that they were planning to “license more rights to its characters.” If Hyrule Warriors is a sign to come of such practice, then Nintendo might be taking one step in the right direction into turning its unfortunate misfortunes around. GTA Mario? Lol