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Reaper Of Souls Adds Clans And Communities

Reaper of Souls will be getting some more features before launch and are being tested in the closed beta. The Diablo III expansion will be adding in clan and community support. On the Battle Net Blog, Blizzard has outlined details for both clan support and community support. These new features should be built into the Diablo III: Ultimate Evil edition when it launches for PS4, or shortly after via patch.


  • Limit of 120 people per clan
  • Can only be part of one clan at a time
  • Anyone can create a clan
  • Each clan can have their own clan name and clan tag
  • You can search for clans or “find” clans (if you aren’t in a clan)
  • Each Clan gets their own dedicated chat channel


  • “Nearly Unlimited” amount of people can be part of a community
  • Both Private and Public options for Communities
  • You can be a member of more than one Community at a time if you want
  • Each community gets its own dedicated chat channel

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Invades PC March 25th

PC and Mac, get ready to go to hell, again! Diablo III’s first expansion Reaper of Souls will be hitting shelves March 25th, 2014 for $39.99. It is also available for digital pre-order on battle.net. If you pre-order it via digital, you can download it the day before release when 12:01 AM hits on the 25th, you can jump right in. The digital version also has two different price points.

  • The $39.99 price point for the digital version is just the expansion
  • The $59.99 price point for the digital version (Digital Deluxe Version) ┬áis the expansion along with in-game goodies like exclusive transmogrification recipes for helms and weapons, a Spectral Hound minion to aid you on your journey, three extra character slots, a Treasure Goblin companion pet for use in World of Warcraft, and new portraits and decals for use in StarCraft II.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Announced for PS4: Debut Trailer and Details

At BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard announced Diablo III on the PS4 will be called Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. The game will include Diablo III, the upcoming expansion Reaper of Souls and all the enhancements made for the PC version. The game will also make use of the dualshock 4’s touch pad and share features. Below are alot of the details of Diablo III on PS4

  • Diablo III will support Remote Play
  • Diablo III will run 1080P and 60FPS
  • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will introduce an all new adventure mode (all waypoints unlocked, all difficulties unlocked; go anywhere, slay anything)
  • The Reaper of Souls Expansion will introduce Bounties (kill bosses, clear a dungeon, unique monsters or complete an event for gold, exp, legendary items and rift keystones) there are 5 bounties per act
  • Nephalem Rifts – randomized dungeons containing content from all 5 acts. clear them out to get awesome loot. Also introudces new shrines for insane buffs (invulnerability and 1 hit KO lightning strike)
  • Ps3 characters will transfer over to PS4
  • New clan system
  • The light bar on Dualshock 4 will be used to identify players
  • The touch pad may include emotes
  • The share button could include player mail, avenger kills and player gifts
  • Player Mail lets you mail an item to a friend and send messages
  • Player Gifts is essentially the same thing as Player Mail, but able to send legendary items
  • Avenge Kills seems awesome: so let’s say a monster kills your friend. That monster has a chance to teleport out of his game and teleport into yours with greater afflixes and buffs. When the monster comes into your game it will say (your friends name’s) killer is now hunting you. You can share the loot with your friend you avenge

Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls Expansion Will Be Playabale On PC and PS4 At BlizzCon


BlizzCon 2013 is less than a month away, and when would be a better time to show off the new upcoming expansion to Diablo┬áIII than then? November 8th and 9th are the two days you can get hands-on with the expansion for both PC and PS4. The expansion adds a new playable character called the Crusader, new items, skills, runes and of course new monsters to slay. If you aren’t going to BlizzCon then you can purchase what they call a “virtual ticket” and watch the 2-day event from your computer. And yes, this expansion will also be ported over to the 360 and PS3 games when it is released in 2014.