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Titanfall Is Now In OPEN BETA For Xbox One Owners; PC Beta Open To All Who Registered Before February 15th

After much teasing and wait, the Beta for Titanfall is here. It started out as a closed beta, but now Respawn has announced that it is in OPEN BETA for Xbox One owners.

In order to get the beta, go to the new game demos section of the store or you might see a section that says “Join the Titanfall Beta.”

PC players who have to play through Origin have been given a wider BETA option. Anyone who registered for the BETA before 4PM on February 15th is now included in the Origin-Exclusive PC Beta.


You Must Use Origin To Play Titanfall On PC

Origin, some of us love it and some of us hate it since we have steam, is not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially for EA’s upcoming blockbuster FPS, Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment’s CEO Vince Zampella revealed on Twitter that Titanfall will require being played through Origin if you’re planning to play it on PC.

He also mentions that the upcoming Titanfall beta on PC will also run through Origin.

Pre-Order Bonuses For Titanfall

Respawn has announced pre-order bonuses for their hotly-anticipated debut game Titanfall, which is a PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive. Respawn has partnered with different retailers for bonuses. Here are the current known ones, thanks to Gamespot.

Those who pre-order at WALMART will get a patch “First To Fall”

Those who pre-order at GAMESTOP will get the “The Divide” poster (in-store pre-orders only)

Those who pre-order at BEST BUY will get a $10 reward certificate and 15% off the Prima Strategy Guide

Those who pre-order on AMAZON will get a mini Prima Guide which includes a breakdown of one of the multiplayer maps

No Microtransactions In Titanfall; No Season Pass/DLC Announced

Respawn confirmed on Twitter that Titanfall will not have any sort of microtransactions in game.

Respawn also says that it has no news on a Season Pass. However, given how big this game will be and what kind of game it is, I am sure that some sort of DLC and/or Season Pass will be announced in February or sometime post-launch. I could be wrong, but fingers crossed!

Titanfall-Themed Limited Edition Xbox One Controller

Respawn Entertainment and Microsoft have partnered up not only to release Titanfall, but also to release a special edition wireless controller for Xbox One themed for Titanfall. The controller, which is limited edition, will launch alongside the game on March 11th for U.S. and March 13th for Europe for $64.99.

Titanfall Player Count Maxed At 12

On Twitter, Vince Zampella of Respawn was asked what the player count would be and his answer was…12. With 12 being the player count in any given match, it makes it 6V6 for players, but a reminder that there will also be AI in the games with you all so it will feel more competitive, plus don’t forget your ability to have Titans with you.

Zampella went on to explain that the 6V6 cap “turned out to be the best balance with ai for us.” Zampella also says that a lot of testing had gone into deciding the number and that 6V6 was “more fun” than any other number. So while it seems very small compared to COD and BF4, you can still have jetpacks and mechs 🙂