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Borderlands 2’s Final DLC Releases April 15th

It has been a wonderful 16 months in the wonderful, harsh world of Pandora for Borderlands 2. With a wealth of DLC already being given to us, we have grown in level, explored new places, met many people and killed many things. Sadly, it all must come to an end.

Gearbox Software has announced that their FINAL piece of DLC for Borderlands 2 will release April 15th for $2.99 and will be titled Sir Hammerlock vs The Son of Crawmerax. This DLC kidnaps Sir Hammerlock to an abandoned island resort and you must rescue him. 18 Months of DLC is really amazing.


Battlefield 4: Second Assault Releases February 18th For Premium Owners; March 4 For Everyone Else

Finally, after months of exclusivity on Xbox consoles, the second DLC pack for Battlefield 4 is coming to PC and PlayStation consoles. Second Assault includes 4 fan-favorites maps re-made for Battlefield 4 and include their own Levelutions. The four maps are Operation Firesstorm, Gulf of Oman, Caspian Border and Operation Metro.

The DLC pack will cost $15 seperate from the Season Pass and will also include new weapons, assignments, dog tags and water vehicles. February 18th is the day PREMIUM members will be able to download the pack and March 4th is when non-premium PC and PlayStation members can download the pack.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Freedom Cry DLC Coming As Standalone For PC and PS3/PS4

Freedom Cry, which puts you as Adewale in the middle of liberating Haitian slaves, will be released as a standalone purchase for PS3 and PS4 February 18th in US and February 19th in Europe and will cost $14.99. A PC release will happen February 25th, but no word on a 360/Xbox One release.


Borderlands 2 4th Headhunter Pack Releases February 11th, 5th and final DLC coming in April

Borderlands 2, which is now 2K’s best-selling game of all time, is still pushing content out for the game. Coming next week (February 11th) is the 4th headhunter pack (link from IGN) titled Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.

For $2.99, you will be in charge of helping a wedding go smoothly. Problem is, the groom and bride are Goliaths of the opposing Hodunk and Zaford families from the Clan Wars missions. You must gather ingredients to create a love potion for the wedding to go smoothly between them (so much work for true love. Romeo and Juliet, anyone?)

Such a fitting DLC pack before Valentines Day. Gearbox Software also announced on IGN that April will host the 5th and final DLC pack for Borderlands 2.

Payday 2 Free DLC Announced

Overkill Software has announced an upcoming free DLC for Payday 2 titled “Infamy.” Once you reach level 100 and accumulate $200 million in-game currency, you can purchase levels of “infamy.” Once you purchase infamy, you will head back down to level 1, lose all skill points and spending money (you do keep anything in the off-shore account with the exception of the $200 million needed to purchase infamy). You also keep your guns, masks, mods, patters and materials but have to wait to obtain the required level again 😦

In return for spending that hard earned $200 million, you will get one level of infamy, one of 14 infamy cards to show-off your infamy level (Joker being infamy level 1 though Ace of Spades being level 13,) and a skill point to spend on the infamy tree. Try to reach the Aces of Spades level!

Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Be Getting Clans; First DLC Pack “Soon-To-Be-Announced”

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be getting clan support added in throughout various updates. On the Killzone blog, Guerilla has said that fans have been very passionate about having clans in the game and it is one of the hottest topics in the forums. Now, Guerilla looks to make those fans happy.

Starting with upcoming update 1.09, which releases in February, the game will allow you to add a clan tag beside your player name for in-game play while the website for Shadow Fall will allow you basic clan management functions such as add/remove clan members, create a clan and promote players to officers.

Subsequent updates will grow the clan support even stronger based on player feedback of what they want. They also teased that the first DLC pack, also part of the Season Pass, is “soon-to-be-announced.” Keep in mind, this isn’t the FREE maps that people will be getting soon, it is either a multiplayer DLC or part of the CO-OP DLC.

New Killzone Shadow Fall Maps

Guerilla Games has shown off two upcoming new maps for players to use in Killzone: Shadow Fall and reminding players that all the new maps released will be FREE. These also can be used for Custom Warzones.

First map is called The Cruiser: a close-quarter map with side routes
Killzone Shadow Fall DLC: Cruiser


Second Map is called The Hangar: a wide-open sniping map with flank routes
Killzone Shadow Fall DLC: Hangar

The Last of Us “Left Behind” DLC Priced At $14.99; New Trailer

IGN has a first-look with the new DLC for The Last of Us titled “Left Behind.” The DLC follows Ellie and her friend/mentor Riley and their story/journey together as well as their history. The DLC has no release date yet but is priced $14.99 or free with the Season Pass. The DLC pack will launch February 14th on Valentine’s Day 🙂

Call of Duty: Ghosts “Onslaught” DLC Releases January 28th

The first piece of DLC for Ghosts has been revealed to be coming January 28th and will pack 4 maps, a new assault/sniper rifle and an episode of the 4-part episode for “Extinction.” It is included in the Season Pass or $14.99 separate.

The four maps are:

  • Fog: A dark campsite that sits on a foggy lake. Contains caves, tall grass and “seemingly-abandoned” structures and is said to contain “a dark secret.” Completing field order will allow to become Michael Myers. Yes, for real. You will put on his mask, don a hatchet and run rampid on the opposing team. Check it out in the video above.
  • BayView: A California coastal boardwalk that has shops, an aquarium and a trolley bus as well as platforms for sniping and sentry gun positioning. Also once certain field orders are completed, a team can call an artillery strike from an offshore Naval Destroyer..so beware.
  • Containment: Set in a torn-up South American Village, this map will contain bars, cafes, a church and a pool hall. In the center of the map contains a bridge occupied by a radioactive material-leaking semi-truck. 
  • Ignition: Pulling inspiration from MW2-favorite “Scrapyard,” Ignition has buildings, flame trenches and a transport crawler for above ground and below ground shooting. Players can also trigger 2 rocket engine tests to incinerate enemy players who get close to the engines.

The DLC also packs a new rifle called the Maverick, which can go from Assault Rifle to Sniper Rifle as you choose.

Finally, it contains a new episode for Extinction Mode titled “Nightfall.” A remote lab in Alaska is in charge or researching the aliens. When the scientists lose control, the soldiers must go in to retrieve the intel as well as kill any creatures that you encounter and survive the “three story tall horror” that awaits you.